Technical Cooperation Programme

Upcoming Activities

For further information about NBP seminars and workshops,
please consult Technical Cooperation Catalogue 2021

Given the current situation resulting from the global spread of COVID-19, and due to the restrictions as well as the government recommendations, we have decided to cancel all stationary events planned in the period from September to December 2021:

  • Seminar Back office operations for reserve management;
  • Seminar Payment systems and non-cash transactions;
  • Workshop Seasonal adjustment of economic time series;
  • Seminar IT security management and information protection at Narodowy Bank Polski. Technical and organisational solutions;
  • Workshop Forecasting success in managerial positions;
  • Seminar Monetary policy communication under an inflation targeting framework.

Combining density forecasts of inflation by minimizing the CRPS
(deadline: 1 October 2021)

28 October 2021

Cash circulation, production of banknotes and coins, money counterfeiting
(deadline: 8 October 2021)

4-5 November 2021

Languages: English = activity conducted in English only, English = in Russian only.

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