Technical Cooperation Programme

Study visit of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to the Internal Audit Department of Narodowy Bank Polski

Date: 05-04-2017

Three representatives from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus participated in the study visit which took place on 4-5 April 2017 at the NBP Head Office in Warsaw.

The visit was devoted to different aspects of performing internal audit tasks in a central bank. The experts from the NBP Internal Audit Department presented the topics related to the NBP experience in auditing the educational center activity, management and administration of selected operational systems as well as auditing the process of statistical data collection.

During the visit our guests had also the opportunity to visit the NBP Money Centre and participate in the press conference following the meeting of the Monetary Policy Council.

The technical cooperation between the national banks of Poland and Belarus in the area of internal audit has been ongoing since 2015. The Polish and Belarussian experts meet twice a year in order to exchange views and discuss best practices in performing internal audit tasks.

Narodowy Bank Polski thanks our guests for the active participation and all the NBP experts for their contribution.

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