Technical Cooperation Programme

Study visit of the Bank of Mongolia

Date: 04-11-2014

11 representatives from the Bank of Mongolia participated in a study visit to the Cash and Issue Department and the NBP Regional Branch in Poznań, held between 3 and 7 of November 2014.

The topics discussed during the study visit concerned mainly the role of Narodowy Bank Polski in cash management and planning and organization of the Polish currency notes as well as the coins production.

The participants of the visit had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with theory and practice of sorting, storing, securing and transporting currency, as well as supplying commercial banks with cash. The delegates also had the opportunity to be introduced with the transfer of the cash from sorting places to the vault.

In addition, in connection with the Independence Day, Mr Waldemar Szostak, Director of the NBP Regional Branch in Poznań guided visitors through the exhibition entitled the Polish Legions.

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