Technical Cooperation Programme

Study visit of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan

Date: 23-01-2013

Two representatives from the Central Bank of Turkmenistan paid a study visit in Domestic Operations Department, Foreign Exchange Department and the Economic Institute on 23-24 January 2013. Mr Meredov Alladurdy, Head of Department for Currency Regulation and International Economic Relations and Mr Atayev Mammetmyrat, Specialist of Registration and Monitoring of Foreign Trade Operations Division had the opportunity to discuss subjects regarding:

  • The evolution and management of the FX policy in Poland;
  • Setting and publishing exchange rates of the zloty against foreign currencies;
  • Exchange rate regimes - classification, most common exchange rate regimes according to IMF classification, exchange rate regime choice;
  • Basket currency regime – basket construction, criteria, structure, the Polish experience in currency basket system adoption;
  • Real effective exchange rates – methodology, effective exchange rate indices and their significance for monetary policy authorities, the Polish experience.

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