Technical Cooperation Programme


This is a selection of the most frequently asked questions along with answers. If you require any further assistance please contact us.

Q1. How can I learn about Narodowy Bank Polski Technical Cooperation programme?

Each year Narodowy Bank Polski Technical Cooperation programme is published in a form of a Catalogue and its hard copy is send directly to the central banks. Simultaneously, the programme and description of each event may be found in a form of the electronic Catalogue and news are published online at

Q2. Who may take part in Narodowy Bank Polski Technical Assistance activities?

Technical Assistance activities are offered exclusively to staff members of central banks and other institutions with competences similar to the tasks of Narodowy Bank Polski from the countries outside European Union.

Q3. How many candidates from one country may participate in a seminar/workshop?

In order to provide equal opportunities to all we may accept up to two candidates from one central bank/institution per event.

Q4. What is the procedure for registration?

Please fill in the online application form before the deadline stated in our brochure (for further information about programme, description and deadline of activities, please see Catalogue).
Should you encounter any problems applying online, please get in touch with our contact persons (

Q5. When can I apply for an event?

Applications for seminars/workshops must be received by the deadline stated in the Catalogue and in the news posted at, whereas applications for study visits/internships should be received 2 months before the proposed date of a study visit/internship. Please note that we will not be able to consider late applications.

Q6. If I have attended an event in the past can I apply again for another event?

Yes – upon your manager/Training Department approval.

Q7. What languages are used during Narodowy Bank Polski Technical Assistance activities?

Generally, Polish is the working language at Narodowy Bank Polski, yet very few seminars and workshops are conducted in this language (and if they are, there is a simultaneous translation into English and Russian provided). Most of the events are conducted in English with a simultaneous translation into Russian, only English or/and Russian. To effectively benefit from Narodowy Bank Polski Technical Assistance activities you should be fluent in one of the two abovementioned languages if not indicated otherwise in the Catalogue.
All of the Technical Cooperation Division staff speaks Russian or/and English.

Q8. What travel rules must be adhered to?

If a visa is required, it must be applied for in time. This might be granted on the basis of an invitation issued by Narodowy Bank Polski. On the website of the relevant Polish Embassy you can find information about the individual requirements. It is not Narodowy Bank Polski’s authority to assist participants with visa; therefore we suggest contacting the relevant embassy as soon as possible you enroll and get accepted for the event.

Q9. What costs are covered by Narodowy Bank Polski?

Narodowy Bank Polski provides accommodation, board as per agenda of each event and cultural programme. However, it does not cover the travel expenses and medical insurance for participants.

Q10. Is there a dress code?

Normal business attire is recommended for attending workshops/seminars, while casual clothing may be worn for some of the social events (e.g. dinner and/or sightseeing tour).

Q11. Who can I contact if I have a problem?

Please email the Technical Cooperation Division stating the problem.

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